Effective Methods For Emotional Stability

There can be named hundreds of emotional states - although, the key to understanding the most effective way to manage your feelings and the underlying unconscious beliefs is to imagine EMOTION as a continuum where the zero point is neutral, +1 is optimally positive, and -1 is tolerably negative (imagine "righteous indignation"). There are possibilities to elevate this EMOTION higher or let it lower down.

THOUGHTS are actually the primary substance of the formation of feelings and beliefs even in a pre-language baby. Thought multiplied by the EMOTION, gives you the emotional state, the feeling, and it also gives you the conclusion that you draw from the whole situation which forms your belief.

As there are infinite multitudes of the situations and thoughts, there are infinite multitudes of different positive, negative and neutral beliefs, which, in their turn, play in in every situation we encounter: that's why our emotional reactions and states oftentimes feel painfully familiar. To change it, you don't necessarily need to change your thoughts: you can be just as discerning about the people that surround you, their intentions and all the situational scenery. If you can change the EMOTION, you can start forming better feelings, better emotional states, and better beliefs that play out in your life situations.

The creation of EMFES, Effective Methods For Emotional Stability, explores your practical possibilities for better feelings and better outcomes. It is nothing mystical, nothing unexplained, nothing alternative to any established and widely recognized world-view. On the contrary, it is compatible with any scientific or alternative perception modes, which makes this approach unique and suitable for anyone wishing to change their feeling about life situations, and consequently to improve the situations themselves. It works well for stressed people, and now we are starting to launch the youth anti-stress program, aimed at improving the quality of life and life prospects for teenagers and young people.

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Treatment with Miguel
Miguel comes from Spain where he was originally trained as a therapeutic massage specialist and reiki healer. During 12 years of private practice in Copenhagen, he developed a highly personalized approach to emotional health, which can really well fix your emotional issues and create a new ground for your growth. Miguel masters many of the well-known and recognized techniques and can be called for a highly effective "emotional technician". The key point in his treatments is that you do not need to reveal your personal issues or information in order to heal traumas or change your emotions, patterns and behaviour. Such methods as kinesiology (and its branches like EFT or Psych-K), Emotion Code, or bio-energetic treatment, allow you to effectively get rid of emotional disturbance without digging deep into your problems.
The word "Yana" is from the Sanskrit language, is pronounced with a long (a) sound, and translates as: Vehicle, Journey or Pathway.
This is what it is all about.

Yana comes from Russia and was originally trained as IT specialist. She later converted into Spanish citizenship and made Spanish her second native nationality, at the same time changing her life interests to include natural sciences as well as humanities, cultures, languages and people's personalities and lives. She studied 5 years' course in Language Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and also got training in body therapy, dance and rules of social conduct, to successfully and knowingly break them on purpose. She sees her purpose in assisting young and not-so-young people in finding the most satisfying ways of life. She continuously develops new innovative and
Effective Methods For Emotional Stability,
which is what EMFES stands for.
We speak and work with clients in four languages: Danish, English, Spanish and Russian. Please call +45 31231024 and you'll be heard and answered in your preferred language and communication style. We offer live consultations and treatments in Copenhagen center, as well as on skype or messenger.
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How the change of EMOTION is done

The EMOTION is the quality of your sensation (about a matter, a situation, a particular person or relationship, or your life in general) that can be arbitrarily represented by some value on a scale, say, from -10 to +10*. The change of emotion occurs in a real or imagined interaction of a particular quality, which can "charge" you positively, "reverse the polarity" of your sensations, and have many other desired effects, the main purpose of which is to change the resulting value of the equation and its consequences:


As our beliefs feed back to our thoughts and judgements, the change of EMOTION will ultimately lead to new thoughts through changed feelings and beliefs. This will open for completely new possibilities for what you feel, and consequently, for what you do. Imagine that your actions are consistently fueled by your thoughts - thus, new thoughts will lead to new actions, new perspectives, and new outcomes.

Nothing mysterious. The quality of interaction we seek in order to change the value of our EMOTION, is not described in any particular approach to psychotherapy or coaching, and is scattered throughout people and communities where you can suddenly discover it, and I encourage you to do it, to set your "antennas" out for this quality, and I also invite you for a session of bio-dynamic therapy where I can provide this quality for you. Because it is quite true that imagined interaction changes your emotion just as well as a real one, once you experience this therapy, you can evoke same sensation later on your own (and I provide you with your simple tools to do it). Come and see me - one session might be enough to set in motion a whole new scenario for your life ahead.


* The scale you choose to measure the emotion is not important, and different people feel comfortable with different "values" - for some, higher positive states can feel "far too exciting and overwhelming" - some even feel most comfortable with a tolerable level of negative due to habit. The matter of changing the level and the scale is a bit more complex (i.e. "how to feel comfortable feeling happy") and I invite you to explore it during our live sessions or online / chat sessions.
What is it all about?
Do we maybe ask ourselves sometimes
I have spent several decades sensing what all the stuff is essentially about. Now we can be helpful for you in many ways if you are struggling with stress, anxiety, fears, or anger, regrets, bad or changing moods, or undesirable behaviors, lack of assertiveness, or other things like that. Our consultations and treatments do not substitute for medical treatment in case of illness, nor do we work with victims of decisive criminality. We treat mostly "normal life" issues that can feel undesirable, and help you create better framework for more satisfying life. We help you grow, create an upgraded life, and find your stability and purpose.
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